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16th Int'l Conference on Public Relations





Let’s Be Creative



January 5-6, 2020


Experience-driven events are very influential because of their innovation and uniqueness. But such traits and experiences can be exploited in scientific events such as the Iran Public Relations Conference (IPRC). If this is done well, you will see that a large percentage of PR practitioners would be more likely to attend such events.

In addition, this approach is particularly important in raising awareness of unique public relations experiences and ideas and stimulating participants' minds by encouraging their active participation in holding the conference.

We know already that events that are held with focus on experience become a turning point for considering pure ideas of PR practitioners. When organized well, they have the ability to:
• Create experiences that audiences will always remember;
• Facilitate personal and professional interactions of PR practitioners;
• Provide relevant and timely data and enhance the overall experience of the participants;
• Help build a lasting and deep relationship between participants and conference organizers;
• Provide memorable and fun moments for participants;
• Provide opportunities for coexistence and collaboration between organizers, speakers and participants;
It seems that after 15 editions, it is about time the international PR conferences served as a leader in experience-centered planning for participants in order to maximize the value of the event.

Expediting realization of the value of the conference can be possible by presentation of pure experiences of public relations practitioners rather than merely learning theoretical topics. More than ever, public relations executives and experts are calling for leadership and management of PR events, especially the IPRC.

Given that the Conference Secretariat believes in the power of experiential events and banks on their success, it is not easy to choose the right venue, manage an important event, invite audiences and welcome them, and start off a big stage.

We want to delegate the work of the PR conference to public relations practitioners and participants, especially those who are creative and distinctive. In effect, the Conference will become a venue for the owners of top ideas, who are the ones that receive the awards, are honored and present their ideas in the space created; and in parallel, an opportunity is given to the participants to contribute to the presented topics.

Undoubtedly, the success of the Iran International Public Relations Conference is not possible without the benefit of the pure experiences and ideas of public relations practitioners. For this reason, the Conference Secretariat has put on its agenda practical skills training in the form of new and applied ideas and models.

We are confident that the benefits of enhancing the quality of such events will be far more significant than the past 15 editions. For this reason, the Conference Secretariat plans to hold the 16th edition of the event with a central focus on experiences. This will help us arrange a high quality event.

In this process, the first step would be to identify the weaknesses of previous editions. We have to ask, which sections severely flawed in the previous conferences, indeed? Why is it that presentation of the top, significant and outstanding “experiences” and “ideas” by PR practitioners has gained more importance so far the Conference is concerned?
The answers to these questions will hopefully become clear at the 16th Iran International Public Relations Conference.

Establishing a Specialized PR Pitching Tenure in Iran
For the first time in Iran, the Specialized PR Pitching Tenure is being established in conjunction with the 16th Iran International Public Relations Conference to gather, review and exploit top ideas.

The tenure’s activities begin in 2020 with the following projects:
• Program #1: Produce and publish a research paper that addresses the importance and application of creativity, innovation, conceptualization, and experience-centering in literature-based public relations and reviewing articles in the field.
• Program #2: Hold the first experience-driven PR event in Iran: This event begins with the 16th International Public Relations Conference.
• Project #3: Hold the first Experience-Centered PR Festival in Iran to introduce meaningful, creative, educational, applied and unique experiences to the PR community and to honor owners of the top ideas.
• Project #4: Provide the "Innovation and Creativity Toolkit" to help PR practitioners discover their creative potential.
• Project #5: Offer a 15-minute tribune for presentation of top ideas at the PR Conference to develop new and distinctive patterns and ideas.

• Provide meaningful, creative, educational, practical and unique experiences
• Help produce, supply and deliver high quality content
• Share and spread pure and distinct ideas and experiences
• Acquire practical knowledge and solutions to maximize public relations communication activities
• Present the latest achievements and teachings of PR practitioners
• Promote the scientific level of PR practitioners
• Provide opportunities for presenting and applying successful and diverse PR experiences in PR departments across the country
• Network executives, experts, specialists and students of public relations and the related fields

• Establishing a specialized tenure for pitching public relations ideas in Iran
• Presentation of two scientifically selected lectures by the Scientific Committee of the Conference
• Providing top 5 experiences and ideas by the judges
• Holding two specialized workshops
• Publishing the book and CD of the conference papers with two themes: "Management and Planning for Public Relations" and "Top Ideas"
• Publishing the special pamphlet of the Conference
• Awarding the “Public Relations Oscar” to the best ideas and experiences of the participants
• Awarding the Idea of the Year Certificate
• Presenting the "Pitching Medal" to owners of other great ideas
• Providing a valid certificate of attendance at the conference to the participants

Target Audience
All the creative experts in public relations and communications, advertising, marketing and all those who are interested in getting to know about novel experiences and ideas.

Topics and Themes
There are no restrictions in this regard. The experiences and ideas can entail all aspects of public relations. Some ideas and experiences are selected for presentation, and others will be published in the special pamphlet and book of papers of the conference.

Sending Experiences and Ideas
The latest ideas and teachings of successful PR practitioners will be discussed in the experience-driven Public Relations Conference of Iran. At the conference, the experiences and ideas of the PR practitioners are shared with the participants.
If you have pure ideas and strategies in your organization or company, submit them to the secretariat of the conference’s email in the form of rules, regulations and worksheets.

Terms and Conditions
• All PR practitioners may offer ideas and experiences to the conference.
• There is no limit considering the topics, techniques, timing, position, organizations and companies providing the ideas or experiences.
• Ideas and experiences will be welcomed as lectures, movies or video formats.
• The duration of each conference presentation will be 15 minutes.
• The reviewers and participants will be given 15 minutes to comment on each idea and experience.
• The content of the applicant's experiences and ideas should be in the area of public relations.
• The provider is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided about their idea or experience.
• All the applicants who pass the acceptance procedure of the conference, will be offered the services of: presenting their idea at the conference, being mentioned in the Iran Public Relations Specialized Yearbook, publication of their idea in the conference’s special pamphlet, being awarded the top idea of the year certificate, and free conference attendance.
• In order to ensure the quality, quantity and manner of presentations, attendance at all stages of the acceptance of ideas and experiences is a must for all applicants. Ultimately, the judges and speakers will be responsible for how the content is presented and delivered.
• Applicants will be provided with the required means for presenting their ideas during the conference.
• The applicants wishing to attend the Idea Panel, upon completion of the application form, must submit a copy of the official reference letter on the letterhead of their company or organization, together with the seal and signature of the Director of Public Relations of the organization (Legal Entities) to the Secretariat of the Conference.
• The Conference Secretariat is authorized to exploit the accepted experiences and ideas by mentioning the name of their creators, for a variety of purposes including publicity and information in different periods.
• Registration in the Public Relations Ideas Pitching Festival and Conference of Iran constitutes acceptance by the applicant of the terms and conditions set out in this document.
• In the event of any conflict between the experiences and ideas with the terms, conditions and rules set forth herein, the right to reject the idea shall be reserved for the Conference Secretariat.

Ideas and experiences submitted to the Secretariat are independently judged by a panel of senior public relations professors, activists, and veterans. Much attention has been given to the selection of a 10-member jury with the right balance of specialized knowledge, experience and impartiality.

Judgement Procedure
Judgement takes place in six stages:
- Posting experiences and ideas in the form of rules, conditions and registration worksheets
- Initial review of the ideas and experiences
- Initial selection of the submitted ideas and experiences
- Holding briefing sessions and assessing presentability
- Presenting a demo of the lectures to the judges
- Presentation at the Conference.
Finally, four senior referees review and select the ideas and experiences of the first 10 referees. The referees will be with us until the day of the conference and final judgment. Each referee has a maximum of two minutes to present their comment on each lecture. Participants are also given 13 minutes to participate in the discussions.

Awards set benchmarks for excellence in all areas of public relations and give our industry brilliance, courage and boldness. The Conference Secretariat provides an opportunity for all organizations and companies to celebrate together and drive the PR industry to excellence and progress.
Awards are only given to organizations, companies and individuals who have creative experiences and ideas. This year's conference awards are awarded to the top 10 public relations ideas.
The best ideas and experience selected by the participants will be awarded the "PR Oscar".

Public relations managers and experts and other applicants may submit their ideas and experiences to the secretariat of the festival by November 21.

Contact Information
Interested parties can find more information on the conference, festival and registration forms and other information required at:
Conference Secretariat No.: +98 88216277, +98 88617576-77
Fax: +98 88602308
SMS Inbox: 30007153