Kargozar PR Institute Introduction

KPR Institute, a leading figure in introducing modern public relations and international communication has more than 10 years of experience in providing consultancy for public and private organizations.
KPR Institute provides service in 4 areas:
1. Training
KPR Institute, the initiator of international communication and modern training course in Iran, held the 1st International PR Conference in 2004 in Iran. Following the 1st International PR 2.0 Conference in 2009 and 50 educational workshops, it is planning to expand the international PR training courses in India, Malaysia, South Korea and Indonesia. The Institute has also held 6 training courses for Iranian PR managers and experts in Malaysia. The educational courses provided by KPR are as follows:
• PR management courses
• Applied technologies in PR and PR 2.0 courses
• Research, planning and evaluation courses
• Conference and exhibition management courses
• Ceremony and international behavior code courses
• Media communication courses
• Publicity courses
• Holding the International PR Conference in Iran
• Holding the National PR 2.0 Conference
• Holding the Ceremony Management Seminar
• Holding PR educational courses in Malaysia
• Proposing the 1st Global Congress of Muslim PR Practitioners in Malaysia in cooperation with Malay partners

2. Consultancy
Providing consultancy, developing models and holding several clinics on management are among the main activities of KPR Institute.
The Institute is planning to launch a valuable experience bank, a standout activities bank and group work in search of optimization in national and international level.

3. Research
KPR Institute facilitates the development of the State PR entities through identifying the needs of PR in Iran and conveying them to the experts and scholars.
The research department provides the following services through new approaches and methodologies:
• Content analysis, polls, surveys, effect measurement, PR programs pathology
• Standardization of activities and preparing a PR guide
• Online research and marketing specialized information including
o Providing information on different areas of PR needed by the clients
o Online research and information marketing
o Distributing data bank in CD format
4. Publication

Books: KPR Press has published more than 40 books on public relations. Publishing “PR Encyclopedia” and “PR Lexicon” are the most valuable publications during recent years.
Periodicals: KPR Press publishes a Kargozar Public Relations quarterly and Public Relations Techniques biquarterly. It also publishes Public Relations Events. The first issue of Electronic Public Relations biquarterly has also been published.
Educational technologies: KPR Press has published 70PR educational software.
Educational packages: KPR Press has been providing books and educational material needed by PR entities since 2 years ago. It has provided 10 different packages till now.