15th ICPR Held in Tehran


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The 15th Int'l Conference on Public Relations (ICPR) was held in Tehran at the conference center of the Industrial Management Organization of Iran on Monday, October 22, 2018.


The conference was held on the subject of “Scenario-based Planning in Public Relations” and was summed up with honoring Professor Hassan Bashir with the Dr. Notghi (founder of PR in Iran) Award. A large number of senior PR experts, wits, executives and practitioners attended the annual event.


In the awarding ceremony of the 7th International Award of the Father of Iranian Public Relations, which was held in the presence of some of the scientific and cultural figures of the field including Dr. Mohammad Soltanifar, Press Deputy of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Dr. Baqer Sarukhani, Dr. Ali Akbar Jalali and Dr. Saeid Reza Ameli addressed the audience on the scientific endeavors of the abovementioned.


Furthermore, three scientific books entitled as "New Practical Approaches to Creativity in Public Relations" (a collection of the articles submitted to the 14th ICPR), "Scenario-creation in Public Relations" and "Communications and Public Relations" were unveiled during the conference.


In the opening ceremony, Dr. Mehdi Bagherian, Secretary-General of the Conference, welcomed the guests and presented a report about organization and planning of the conference.


The head of the Association of Public Relations Experts stated that the conference was eye-catching thanks to the presence of prominent professors from top universities from across the country, executives, experts and public relations students.


"The conference gives its participants the opportunity to engage in an inspirational and interactive event to learn about new, emerging and applied topics in the field, while enhancing their skills," he said.


Mr. Bagherian added: "This year's conference was devoted to scenario-creation, and the secretariat of the conference has helped to understanding of this issue by publishing three books on this subject, while enriching public relations literature. Moreover, considering scenario-creation as a solution, along with other planning strategies, has a special status; public relations practitioners need to be actively involved in this field.”


The secretary general of the conference, referring to the activities of the secretariat in the field of publishing, said in the past 15 years, the secretariat of the conference, in collaboration with Kargozar Public Relations Publications, had published more than 25 public relations titles; moreover, it has published select conference papers in the past 15 years. This year's collection of articles has also been published.


Conferencing Speakers

Dr. Mohammad Soltanifar, Press Deputy of the Ministry of Culture, Dr. Baqer Sarukhani, father of Communications Sociology, Dr. Ali Akbar Jalali, father of technology of science in Iran, Dr. Saeed Reza Ameli, Professor of Communications and US Studies at the University of Tehran, Dr. Ali Akbar Farhangi, Full Professor at the University of Tehran, Dr. Mehdi Naderi Manesh, researcher at UCLA, Washington, Dr. Kiumars Ashtaryan, Associate Professor of Public Policy Making at the University of Tehran, Dr. Saeed Khazaei, Full Professor at the University of Tehran, and Dr. Behnood Allah Verdi Nick, delivered lectures at the conference.


Father of Iranian Public Relations Award

The International Award of Dr. Hamid Notghi, the founder of Iran's public relations, at the 15th ICPR was bestowed on Professor Hassan Bashir, Professor of International Communications.


He won the award for having authored, translated and edited over 60 book titles and encyclopedias, having penned over 150 papers which were published in Iranian and foreign journals, and having conducted dozens of research workshops and projects over the years.


Dr. Bashir has also been the secretary of the Scientific Committee of the International Public Relations Conference of Iran for more than 10 years and has offered many blessings to the public relations community over the past 25 years for his scientific endeavors.


Dr. Hamid Notghi (1920-1999), the founder of Iran's new public relations, forever changed our thinking about public relations. Through the Faculty of Social Communication Sciences, which he played a key role in its shaping, he trained young, hard-working, and human-loving PR practitioners with the foundations of human and social communications.


Kargozar Public Relations Institute established the Dr. Nothghi Award back in 2004 and has since organized the award in two levels: national and international. So far the award has been granted to five prominent international scholars: late Professor Kazem Motamednejad, the father of modern communications in Iran (November 15, 2004), Professor James Grunig, Professor of Public Relations at the Department of Communications at the University of Maryland College Park, USA, and the founder of the theory of "excellence" (November 17, 2005), Prof. Ali Akbar Jalali, Father of Information Technology Science (November 13, 2009), Professor Ali Akbar Farhangi, Father of Media Management in Iran (Dec. 9, 2012), Professor Saeed Reza Ameli, Senior Professor at the University of Tehran (January 13, 2015) and Dr. doctor Younes Shokrkhah, founder of online journalism (2004).


Introduction to the Top Conference Papers

The jury of the 15th ICPR selected top articles of the conference.


10 active, creative and responsible public relations practitioners honored

During the opening ceremony of the 15th Int'l Conference on Public Relations (ICPR), ten active, creative and responsible public relations practitioners were honored with the award of the Golden Statue of Public Relations.


Publication of a Special Pamphlet of the Conference

Parallel with the 15th Int'l Conference on Public Relations (ICPR), a special pamphlet regarding the conference was published with Senario-creation as its theme.