14th Int'l Conference on Public Relations (ICPR)



   Dec. 10, 2017 in Tehran, Iran


In your Honor
We are truly thankful to Lord for bestowing on us the originating idea of amounting the first and greatest specialized and scientific public relations event in Iran in 2004; an event which successfully spurred many other activities and mustered hundreds of public relations aficionados, executives and workers from across the country, allowing them to exchange their thoughts and communicate with each other.

Presentation of the experiences of over 300 public relations experts, scholars and masters from Iran and overseas to the conference's participants turned the event into a turning point in the discipline which is still entangled in subjective, yet often conservative, methods. What makes public relations practice even harder in Iran is that no definitive plan for inducing dynamism to the discipline either by state or private practitioners of the field has so far been introduced or adopted.
Wide reception of the 2nd Global Congress for Muslim Public Relations Professionals, held from December 7 to 9, 2012 with over 1,200 participants comprising PR executives and experts, was a promising indication of the participants' trust for organizers of the event.

As organizers of the conference, we would like to extend our gratitude to you for supporting us in mounting the event and assisting us in materializing our initiatives to develop and promote Iran in public relations practices. We would also like to apologize for any possible weaknesses in our so doing. We are looking forward to taking further steps in the field, being assured of your continued support.
Conference Agenda
As a scientific and cultural product, the International Conference on Public Relations (ICPR) is based primarily on innovation and change; hence the conference's organization, content and arrangement are orchestrated in such way to be responsive to its bases.
ICPR provides for a hub for exchange of thoughts and synergy of views in pursuit of practical solutions. The conference goal is to bring together public relations experts, scholars, executives and students in a bid to enhance the scientific and practical savvy of the "8th art" and obtain a real understanding of national and international developments with the aim of promoting public relations in state and private organizations. The conference seeks to offer its participants an opportunity to exchange their thoughts and generate ideas with hundreds of PR scholars.
A successful conference…
We believe that the conference was a success because it could:
secure the partnership of dozens of Iranian and foreign universities and scientific centers;
enjoy participation of many Iranian public relations experts and scholars;
devise and present ethical charters and facilitate cooperation of medium and public relations;
present rich public relations literature to the participants;
spur major PR events;
prepare the ground for the presence of public relations' leading scholars in Iran like Prof. James and Larissa Grunig, as well as directors of top public relations associations in the world;
pave the way for holding Iranian PR training courses abroad, with 7 such courses having been held so far;
secure the first letter of Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) for Iran;
put forth the idea of holding the first Global Congress for Muslim Public Relations Professionals and establishing the World Association of Muslim Public Relations Professionals in Iran and abroad;
present the latest professional PR topics by outstanding experts from Iran and the world;
offer insights about state-of-the-art PR technologies and their use;
bring together over 5,000 PR executives and professionals;
highlight the private sector capabilities in holding international conferences, gatherings and movements by tapping PR potentialities in state organizations;
highlight PR status in Iran;
set the stage for effective and efficient cooperation and interaction of Iranian PR professionals and executives;
provide for an ideal opportunity to practice "creative and innovative PR";
 PR principles that should be observed by any professional in the field are often overlooked because of the massive developments in PR and communication industries of the world. While carrying out your duties as PR professionals, give yourself a break to evaluate your progress: think about your goal(s). It is sometimes the case that PR principles are forgotten in the whirlwind of presentations.
Change, or innovation, is a constant phenomenon occurring anywhere anytime, especially in the PR world. For a PR professional, nothing can be more important than being open to changes and emergence of new processes and opportunities. Being sensitive and responsible towards ethics-based, honest and respectful communication practices is are vital for PR offices in order to establish common sense, materialize organizational goals and serve public interests.
We, as PR professionals, can steer the course of new developments by relying on creative, innovative PR practices and advanced techniques in our operations. This conference has been pockmarked as an eventful PR gathering to induce this novel way of thinking to PR professionals.
The keynote speakers of the 14th ICPR will deliver lectures about understanding differentiation, innovation, creativity and ethics-based PR.
The 14th International Conference on Public Relations (ICPR)
Kargozar Public Relations Institute (KPRI) activates are aimed at enhancing the capabilities and qualifications of PR units of state and private organizations.
As a private institution active in PR field, KPRI is planning to hold the 14th IPRC in a bid to establish links between PR policymakers, executives, operators, researchers, directors and professionals as well as those interested in such topics, and highlight the significance of "creative and innovative PR practices". The institute has reached out to state organizations, PR guilds, universities, international organization and relevant institutions for holding the conference.
Slated for Dec. 10, 2017 in Tehran, Iran, the ICPR is being held jointly by the KPRI, the World Association of Muslim PR Professionals and the International PR Association.
We would hereby invite all thinkers, researchers, scholars and dilettantes in public relations, communications, advertisement, marketing and the related fields to partake in the conference to present the result of their latest studies and research activities. Besides, the PR professionals and directors of state and private organizations are welcome to attend the event to enrich the gathering.

Conference Topics
The conference, as an inspiring and interactive event, allows participants to improve their communication and PR skills. The conference secretariat has issued a call for research and scientific papers regarding the following subjects:
- Development and professional strategies of creativity and innovation in public relations
- Strategy, planning and value creation in creative and innovative PR
- Identification of capacities and effectiveness of innovation and creativity in PR activities
- Human resources, corporate culture and innovative/creative public relations
- Description and analysis of the current state of innovation and creativity in public relations
- Analysis of the role of non-governmental organizations and institutions in promotion of activities, the level of knowledge and moral insight of creative and innovative PR practitioners
- Analysis of the role of new technologies in the innovative and creative development of activities in the field of public relations
- Opportunities and challenges facing creative and innovative PR practitioners
- Strategies for management of innovation and creativity in public relations
Call for Management Experiences
Experience is the best lever for acquiring managerial skills. Studies indicate that 70% of management skills can be obtained through experience and practice; that is why more skilled managers are often the ones with the greatest experiences.
Documentation of managerial experiences is a process during which the experiences are chronicled for further references in a way that lessons can be learned from them.
A documented managerial experience can be exploited for a range of applications including training, scaffolding (learning together) and corporate learning. One shall be reminded that experience is the primal source for managerial training, duties and challenges.
We, hereby, invite all PR executives and practitioners to share their experiences with the conference secretariat.
Why should I attend the conference?
-          This is the greatest national conference on PR and communications in Iran.
-          The main focus is on practical sessions and experiences shared via case studies of corporations and companies;
-          It is an opportunity to meet leading PR figures in person;
-          It is a showcase displaying the latest PR developments;
-          It establishes a new professional link for exchange of thoughts with like-mind thinkers in PR practices.
Who should attend the conference?
The conference is put together for the participation of PR and communications executives, experts and professionals, advertisement and marketing executives and experts, communicators and journalists, customer services executives and business development managers.
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