12th International Conference of Public Relations of Iran
December 27, 2015

Futurology & Social Responsibility


The 12th International Conference of Public Relations of Iran, December 2015, will be held in the Olympic Center of International Conferences. Prominent people and professors in the fields of public relations, communication sciences, and information technology will attend this conference, in which the ideas will be set forth, the challenges, successes will be demonstrated, and how to cope with some existing or emerging problems public relations industry is encountered will be discussed.

Public relations practitioners and consultants will gather together in this conference in order to, while learning various communication strategies, obtain new ones to make the professional and institutional activities, with futurology and social responsibility approach, progress.

What is International Conference of Public Relations of Iran (ICPR)
Designed in 2004 by Kargozar Publich Relations Institute of Iran for the public relations practitioners of Iran, ICPR attends to the most recent subjects in the field of public relations industry. ICPR, is annually held with direct cooperation of creditable public relations universities, organizations, and public and private corporations.

Who Are Audiences
Who attends the conference?
1- Public Relations Practitioners
2- Advertising and Marketing Industry Experts and Managers
3- Communicators and Journalists
4- Customer Services Managers
5- Business Development Managers

What are the programs of the Conference?
The one-day program of the ICPR is as follows:
• Key presentations
• Training workshops for professional development
• Competitive plans
• Publishing the book and CD of all articles of the Conference
• Publishing the Special Issue of the Conference
• Proffering the authentic certificate of attending the Conference and the training workshops

Attending these sessions which are accompanied with the case studies and examples of Iran and the world, will empower the Public Relations practitioners to:
1- Share the best methods;
2- Challenge the managerial thoughts of the participators;
3- Have access to the purposes and aims of organization/corporation.

What topics will be studied?
The Conference, held with the key presenters, will provide the participators with the opportunity to enjoy an inspiring and interactive even in order to increase their own skills.
The Secretariat of the Conference calls for the scientific and research articles in the following fields:

Part One: Public Relations and Futurology
1- Development-oriented Futurology and Public Relations
2- Public Relations and Futurology: General Requirements
3- Futurology, Public Relations and Social Networks
4- Public Relations and Strategic Futurology
5- Media and Communicative Futurology
6- Futurology and Public Relations Management

Part Two: Public Relations Futurology and Social Accountablity
1- Public Relations Futurology and Social Accountability
2- Public Relations Futurology, Social Accountability and Media Representation
3- Public Relations Futurology, Social Accountability and Being Transparent
4- Public Relations Futurology, Social Accountability and Confidence-Building
5- Public Relations Futurology, Social Accountability and Crisis Management

Scientific Committee of this Conference is comprised of the professors of Tehran Universtiy, Allameh Tabataba’i University, Islamic Open University, Imam Sadiq University, Sooreh Universtiy, and Iran Broadcasting University.


12th Festival of the Premier Public Relations of Iran
According to an 11-year tradition, Kargozar Public Relations Institute of Iran, precious awards will grant to the winner in 2015. In order to be included in this procedure, the organizations, corporations and individuals should be candidate and declare their significant and outstanding activities within the limits of the regulations; it should consist of:
1- Explaining the subject / opportunity
2- Researches
3- Planning
4- Implementation
5- The emerged / monitored and evaluated
The awards will be granted to those organizations, corporations and individuals that have been explicitly judged by the jury in any field. For the first time this year, there will be gifts beyond that, considered for people of first rate in any field, which will be presented to the winners.

Advantages of Attending the Festival:
- Presenting the Tablet and Statue of the Premiers
- Introducing the chosen ones in the book of “The Most Famous Ones of the Public Relations of Iran”
- Registering the names and specifications of the chosen ones in the professional Year-Book of Public Relations of Iran
- Presenting Special Letter of Commendation of the Festival jointly signed by the Global Association of Muslim Representation of Public Relations
- Publishing the Special Booklet of the Chosen ones in the Festival
- Potentiality of a 30% discount for the training courses of Kargozar of Public Relations for a year for three people
- Potentiality of a 30% discount while purchasing the publications of Kargozar of Public Relations for a year
- 20% discount for attending the International Conference of Public Relations of Iran in 2015
- Proffering free Advice to the participants before attending the Festival

Various Sections of the Festival are as follows:
A – Special
• Medal of Public Relations of Iran
• Public Relations Insignia (Special Prize of the Kargozar of Public Relations Institute)
• Special Prize of the Year
• The Prize of The Chosen Best Public Relations

B – Principal
• Research and Investigation
• Media Communications
• Relation with People
• Organizational Relationship
• Crisis Commnication
• Event Management for Planning and Presenting a successful even with the Public Relations dimensions
• International Public Relations
• Social Accountability
• Advertising and Marketing

C – Publications
• Book
• Brochures

D – Public Relations Activists
• Managers Advocating Public Relations
• Premier Public Relations Manager
• Premier Public Relations Expert

E – Digital Public Relations
• Website
• Cell-phone Media
• Weblog (Organizational – Personal)
• E-Mail and Internet Newsletter(s)
• Intranet (Private Domestic Media Network)
• Activities in the Social Networks

How to Obtain More Information?
Those interested can gain more information about the Festival, attending and getting the worksheets to register and other required information by using the following means:
Conference Secretariat Phone Numbers: 8821 6277; 8861 7576; 8861 7577
Fax: 8860 2308
SMS Box: 3000 7153
Electronic Mail (E-Mail):