Iran 11th International Conference on Public Relations

October 19, 2014

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) Conference Center


(Digital Public Relations Developments; Global Perspectives)





Iran is planning to hold its Iran11th international conference on public relations on October 19, 2014 with a view to presenting a global perspective of developments in digital public relations. The event, which will be held at the conference center of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), will bring together public relations, communications and information technology (IT) professors and specialists to exchange views, discuss challenges and successes and suggest approaches for removing obstacles on the way of public relations industry.

Moreover, this conference will have a strategic look at public relations-2 (PR.02) which focuses on cooperation and steering for effective and successful presence of public relations in new media. Such issues as the latest techniques of digital storytelling and communications changes, relations between customers and audience, brand reputation and credit management, using social media for public relations as well as defining integrated strategies for public relations in the virtual space will be discussed.

The conference will convene public relations practitioners to learn new communications strategies for pushing ahead with their professional and organizational activities.



The Iran1st International Conference on Public Relations (ICPR) was held in 2004 by Kargozar Public Relations Institute (KPRI) for public relations practitioners in Iran. The ICPR has been held every year with the cooperation of colleges of communications and public relations, organizations as well as state-run and private companies.



 By attending this conference, you will get familiar with social media strategies and will be able to improve the presence of your organization/company in these networks for the final objective of interacting further with your audience and clients.

·        In this conference, public relations practitioners and social media administrators will get familiar with relevant theories, studies and developments.

·        In this conference, you will hear about the development of social media systems in Iran and in the world.

·        Acquiring knowledge about organizations and companies and their use of social media in interaction with customers

·        Getting familiar with new studies and theories about crisis management

·        Analyzing the concept of protecting trademark and credit management, fighting negative pressure as well as social media activity.



 1.     Public relations staff

2.     Social media administrators

3.     Online marketers

4.     Website managers

5.     Journalists and communicators

6.     Customer service managers

7.     Business development managers


Conference Programs

 The one-day conference will include the following programs:


·        Key speeches

·        Professional development workshops

·        Competitive plans

·        Distribution of the conference proceedings

·        Distribution of the conference newsletter

·        Awarding certificate to participants in the conference and workshops


Attending the conference and its workshops will enable public relations practitioners to:

-         Share the best methods.

-         Challenge the management attitudes of the participants.

-         Realize their organization/company’s objectives. 



 The conference will provide the participants with a chance to benefit from this inspiring and interactive event for bolstering their skills. Articles written on the following topics could be submitted to the conference’s Secretariat:


Online Communications

 ·        Public relations and new media (public relations in digitalized world)

·        Public relations, new media and ethics (ethnics for new media)

·        New media competence

·        Social media strategies

·        Production of effective content in new media

·        Advertising in new media

·        New media, human rights and empowerment

·        Socio-cultural challenges and new media

·        Social media and social responsibility

·        Social media, online business and marketing

·        Public relations, text mining and integrated information management

·        Search engines, search engine optimization (SEO) and public relations

·        Mobile phone media

·        Video programs

·        Multimedia

·        ROI assessment in social media

·        Assessment of social media and public relations communications from national and global perspectives

·        Technology, innovation and future of public relations: assurances about the flow of emerging changes before the start of competition


Media Relationships

 ·        Social media and communications and information technologies

·        Digital media and using modern technologies in gathering and analysis of news

·        Changing media perspectives: proven points for interaction with influential journalists and factors

·        Multimedia effectiveness and combination of media for maximum access

·        Impact of social media and online journals

·        Advertising in social networks for target-oriented information

·        New options for news-oriented videos

·        Communications with journalists in social media


Crisis Management

 ·        Foundations of online crisis communications program for prevention and response

·        Strategies for effective communications with staff in globalized and digital media in critical conditions

·        Creative methods for devising crisis communications plans

·        Management crisis and social media

·        Receiving concise message during crises

·        Crisis, risk and management of communications affairs



 ·        Brand and online reputation management strategies from a global perspective

·        Reputation management; procedures and effectiveness of digital public relations

·        Changes in communications technological perspectives and their effects on reputation management

·        Crisis management through social media and channels


The Scientific Committee of the conference is comprised of professors from University of Tehran, Allame Tabatabaei University, Islamic Azad University, Imam Sadeq University, Soureh University and the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB).

The deadline for the submission of articles is July 21, 2014 and the powerpoint slideshows should be submitted no later than August 21, 2014.



 Public relations steering courses will be held on the following subjects:


·        Integrated mobile phone strategies

 1.     Definition and effectiveness of mobile phone

2.     Mobile phone tools and media

3.     Mobile phone public relations strategies

4.     Innovative and creative approach to mobile phone

5.     Learning to develop software programs from mobile phone websites

6.     Using mobile phone media for target-oriented information dissemination/information and advertising

7.     Best approaches for identifying mobile phone market

8.     Integrating social network and traditional marketing in mobile phone strategy

9.     Deep assessment and understanding the value of mobile phone

10.   Acquiring practical knowledge from progressive case studies


·        SEO and Public Relations

 Public relations play an instrumental role in SEO with a view to developing links to different websites. SEO highlights the role of public relations in social media. Organizations and companies need SEO for producing contents with focus on keywords.


PR Festival

 As usual, Kargozar Public Relations Organization will hold its 12th festival for awarding selected public relations in the new Iranian year. Organizations, companies and individuals will run for the award by presenting their activities based on the following criteria:

1.     Expression

2.     Research

3.     Planning

4.     Execution

5.     Output along with monitoring and assessment


Companies, organizations and individuals will be judged separately for each category. This year, the top winner will receive an extra award too.


Attending the festival will have the following advantages:


-         Receiving plaque of honor

-         Registration in Iran Public Relations Book

-         Registration in Iran Public Relations Yearbook

-         30% discount in KPRI training courses for one year

-         30% discount in KPRI works for one year

-         20% discount for participation in the conference

-         Gratuitous consultation services


The festival has the following sections:


a.     Special section

·        Iran Public Relations Medal

·        KPRI Public Relations Medal

·        Annual Special Award

·        Best Public Relations Award


b.     Main Section

·        Research

·        Media communications

·        People communications

·        Organizational communications

·        Crisis communications

·        Event management for planning

·        International public relations

·        Social responsibility

·        Advertising and marketing


c.      Publications

·        Book

·        Catalogue


d.     Public Relations Activists


·        Pro-public relations manager

·        Best public relations manager

·        Best public relations expert


e.      Digital public relations

·        Website

·        Mobile phone media

·        Weblog

·        Newsletter

·        Internet

·        Social media activity



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