Contemplating and mediating on divine verses and researching God’s creation to provide an approach that ensures human prosperity and good fortune in both eternal and mortal world are among the emphasized advice of Islam. Mediating on extremely wide depth of lessons of the most complete religion, provide truth seekers from any period, group and profession, an ocean of applied concepts.

Therefore, it is not surprising that, relying on the depth of Islam commands, by call for papers for the second Congress for Muslim PR Practitioners, the Secretariat received more than 150 papers from all over the world. What you see below, are the abstracts of 40 papers accepted by the Congress scientific committee and the eagerness to announce this enthusiasm leaded to preparation of the present proceedings.

These papers deal with the following concepts: a progressive model for Islamic PR, PR management based on religious norms, psychological foundations of relationships in the context of cultural and religious values, Islamic professional ethics and public relations, Islamic public relations and communication in the changing world of media, Islamic PR and globalization, electronic communication, PR responsibilities in manners and methods of Imams and PR fundamental values in word of the Elders of Islam.

It is the grace of God that in the second Global Congress for Muslim PR Practitioners, the attendees from all over the world, for the first time produced the necessary contents for Islamic public relations. This book contains a number of selected works.

In other sections of this book, you read about the Congress targets, history and logging and the process of IAMPRC formation.

Introducing Muslim PR Practitioners Global Award and its terms and criteria and also a short review of the first Congress are among other parts of the present series.

We thank all Muslim PR practitioners within and outside the country who played an important role in holding the 2nd Global Congress for Muslim PR Practitioners and we hope that the blessing of this Congress help with growth of Iran Islamic public relations and create a better interaction with other Muslim countries.     


Tehran, Dec. 2012

Mehdi Bagherian

Congress General Secretary