In the name of God

Statement of the 2nd Global Congress for Muslim PR Practitioners

Dec. 7-9, 2012

Tehran, Iran


With the help of God, the 2nd Global Congress for Muslim PR Practitioners was held in Tehran (Iran) from 7th to 9th of December, 2012 with cooperation of University of Tehran, Allame Tabatabayi, Imam Sadegh (peace be upon him), Azad Islamic, Soureh, Azahra, Islamic Schools, Al-Mustafa Al-Alemiyah, Darolhekmah, IRIB School, and National Commission for UNESCO, Ahl al-Bayt Word Assembly, World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools and eight prominent public relations society in Iran. About 1000 of leaders, scientists, managers and experts of communications and public relations in Islamic countries attend this event. The Congress slogan is “Islamic public relations, accountability, efficiency and ethicism”.  

After reviewing the comments, the Congress Committee issued the following statement in six paragraphs which will be heard and approved by the Congress attendees:

1) Islam is a religion of communication and Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) is the founder of Islamic public relations.  Faith in God, kindness, integrity and ethics is the core of this relationship and the purpose of Islamic communication is to realize human dignity.

2) Development of Islamic relationships on the basis of convergence and independence among the Islamic unified Nation should become a fundamental principle in all political, social, cultural and international relations throughout the world.

3) Islamic public relations is a field of science that requires methodology, epistemology and theorization based on progressive principles of Islam and turning it to a scientific discipline and adopting an applied and operational approach in Islamic societies require Muslim thinkers, managers and experts and Islamic universities to discover influential areas and effective situation to stabilize them.

4) Explaining the fundamentals and providing a real and up-to-date image of Islam requires use of all effective communication tools and in this regard, it is necessary that Muslim PR practitioners further expand and strengthen the capacity to use soft power, i.e. PR diplomacy, strategic communication and serious and sustained media follow-ups.

5) We believe that the Islamic awakening is a great movement for the revival of Islamic values in personal and social life of all Muslims, search for the independence of the unified Islamic Nation and reject any affiliation with arrogant, authoritarian and colonial regime.

6) Islamophobiac ongoing efforts to make a dreadful image of a religion of mercy and love have caused resentment in Muslim nations and hatred in followers of other religions. Such dangerous actions show that Muslim PR practitioners should try to correct the distortions and false ideas, created by media about Islam.


Attendees in the 2nd Global Congress for Muslim PR Practitioners

9 Dec. 2012