The 2nd Global Congress of Islamic PR Practitioners

(Introduction and abstracts)


Islamic Public Relations, Accountability, Efficiency and Ethicism


Dec. 7-9, 2012

Vahdat Hall, Tehran, Iran


With the help of God, the 2nd Global Congress for Muslim PR Practitioners and the 9th International PR Conference in Iran will be held in Tehran (Iran) from 7th to 9th of December, 2012 with cooperation of University of Tehran, Allame Tabatabayi, Imam Sadegh (peace be upon him), Azad Islamic, Soureh, Azahra, Islamic Schools, Al-Mustafa Al-Alemiyah, Darolhekmah, IRIB School, and National Commission for UNESCO, Ahl al-Bayt Word Assembly, World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools and eight prominent public relations society in Iran. About 1000 of leaders, scientists, managers and experts of communications and public relations in Islamic countries attend this event. The Congress slogan is “Islamic public relations, accountability, efficiency and ethicism”.

In this Congress which will be held with the theme “Islamic public relations”, issues of the World of Islam will be discussed from the perspective of public relations and the expectations of Muslim PR practitioners in regional and international levels will be argued. The 2nd Global Congress for Muslim PR Practitioners provides a brilliant network of unique opportunities which it’s important will be confirmed and revaluated by the attendees and experts.


Congress purposes

- Developing relationships among Muslim PR practitioners to increase the convergence and synergize abilities

- Developing a shared mental model in the field of Islamic public relations

- Providing opportunities for the more contractions between elites of the Islamic world and optimal use of existing capabilities

- Delivering information about the realities in the World of Islam through public relations to correct the wrong perception of Islam

- Adopting a unified approach and creating necessary cohesion and unity against regional and international changes from a public relations perspective

- Persuading policy makers, religious leaders, scholars and media and public relations experts to have a more effective role in international communications and cultural fields

- Explaining the Islamic Revolution of Iran’s cultural role in the contemporary Islamic awakening


Congress topics

- Islamic public relations and the role of PR practitioners

- Islamic public relations, society and professional ethics

- Islamic public relations and community empowerment

- Islamic public relations, integrated communications and social responsibility

- Islamic public relations, crisis communications, credit crisis and clever management of affairs

- Islamic public relations and sustainable development

- Islamic public relations, applied research and national and global cooperation

- Islamic public relations, PR associations, NGOs and developing strategies

- Islamic public relations and international relations

- Islamic public relations and cultural relations

- Islamic public relations and globalization

- Islamic public relations, war and terrorism

- Islamic public relations and resisting against communications non-humanizing

- Islamic public relations, alienation and religious principles distortion

- Islamic public relations and conversational interactions

- Islamic public relations, conflicting opinions and attitudes

- Islamic public relations and public policy

- Islamic public relations and challenges of the contemporary world of religion discourse perspective

- Islamic public relations, promotion and clear information

- Islamic public relations, media and social marketing

- Islamic public relations and soft war

- Islamic public relations and new media services

- Islamic public relations and electronic communications

- Islamic public relations and Islamic Revolution of Iran’s cultural role in the contemporary Islamic awakening

- Islamic public relations and business

- Islamic public relations, business opportunities and Islamic countries

- Role of public relations in creating target markets in Islamic countries and introducing business capabilities



- Kargozar Public Relations Institute (Iran)



- University of Tehran

- Allameh Tabatabayi University

- Imam Sadegh University

- Azad Islamic University

- Azad Islamic University (district 4)

- Soureh University

- Azahra University

- Islamic Schools University

- Al-Mustafa Al-Alemiyah University

- Darolhekmah University (Canada)

- IRIB School



- National Commission of UNESCO – Iran

- Ahl al-Bayt Word Assembly

- World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools

- Centre of Quran publication


PR associations

- World Association of Muslim PR Practitioners

- Iran PR Association

- Iran PR Experts Association

- Isfahan PR Association

- Kerman PR Association

- Golestan PR Practitioners Association

- Yazd PR Experts Association


Congress members

- Congress Chairman: Dr. Mohammad Rowshan, Head of Soureh University

- Congress Secretary General: Mehdi Bagherian, Head of KPRI and Founding Member of World Association of Muslim PR Practitioners

- Congress Scientific Committee Secretary: Dr. Hassan Bashir

- Congress Policymaking Council Chairman: Ghasem Mohammadi, Representative of the Eight Parliament, Minister Advisor and Public Relations General Director of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance