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17th Iran International Conference on Public Relations (ICPR)

2nd Experience-Oriented PR Event in Iran





Using Experiences and Ideas to Optimize Crisis Communication Strategies;
(Discovery of new methods and revision to popular methods in the past)

PR Future: Leadership and Covid-19

Important conference topics

The impact of Covid-19 on the public relations industry
The role of corporate social responsibility (CSR) during the Covid-19 crisis
Covid-19 and its impact on artificial intelligence strategies in public relations
Covid-19, Intelligent Work and Interactive Space: An Opportunity-Based Approach in Crisis
Covid-19 misinformation and heightening social risks
Combating Fake News regarding Covid-19 Pandemic: The Importance of Health Literacy
Public Relations in Health and Risk Communications
The impact of social media on the control or spread of the Covid-19 pandemic
Covid-19: How Businesses Manage the Crisis
Coronavirus Crisis - critical communications, conceptualization and reputation management

COVID-19: How Businesses Are Handling the Crisis

The coronavirus crisis—crisis communication, meaning-making, and reputation management


Other topics

Crisis Management

Crisis Communications: Definition, Needs and Processes
Prevention: Investigating the nature of crisis communications and its role in raising community awareness and facilitating communications between the affected people
Preparation: Creating and maintaining an up-to-date crisis communications strategy
Post-Crisis Communications: Evaluating Crisis Management Efforts, Updating the Recovery Process, Correction Measures, and Crisis Research
Scenario-based Dialogue and Training: Generating real-world examples to prepare for a potential crisis
Critical Communications: Ethical Considerations and Public Trust

Public Relations

Emphasize the Vacancy: Using Public Relations Specialists to Train Crisis Communications and Public Interactions
Thinking and Acting Quickly: How to use public relations techniques to deal with critical situations and strengthen the risk framework communications?
PR Executives and Professionals: New research suggests that professionals can bridge the gap between their profession and the field of performance

The Media

Integrated Crisis Management: Understanding the Potential Risks and Responsibilities of the Media
Today's Turbulent Media Outlook: Novel Strategies for Defending the Institution's Credit and Reputation in Times of Crisis

Virtual Space

How can monitoring social media prevent a major crisis?
Safe use of appropriate channels: How to deal with emergencies such as viral tweets, natural disasters, security breaches and the like
The Age of Fake News: Rapid social media response to change is the best way for risk communication
What role do social media play in crisis communication?
Crisis Management: A practical approach to better understand today’s crises in Iran
Assessing social capital for effective communications research in crisis management
Using Experiences and Ideas to Optimize Crisis Communications Strategies: Discovering New Methods and Revising Popular Methods in the Past
Measuring the Performance of Crisis Communications in Iranian State Organizations and Companies

Note: Interested individuals may send their articles to the conference secretariat by the end of have until the end of November 20, 2020.

Contact Information
Interested parties can find more information on the conference, festival and registration forms and other information required at:

Conference Secretariat No.: +98 66943670