conference on view points of the foreign speakers


Loula Zaklama, IPRA President:

This conference was an unforgettable experience for me to learn more about Iran and its PR industry. She described the organization and contents of the speakers speeches as excellent. She added “I ma thankful to the Iranian hospitality. At the end, welcoming Kargozar PR Institute membership in IPRA, she added “I support this issue. She expressed hope that Iran PR can play an important role in IPRA new events.

Dr. Kazem Motamed Nejad, Iran New Communication Pioneer

Attendance of the PRs in the conference reflects that all the people attach much importance for PR.
You could introduce the Iran positive aspects to the world for the first time. It could not be done by the Iranian ministry of Foreign Affairs well. In other words, you could cover the 10-year road in one year and your score is excellent and it will be a good sample for the others. I really enjoyed your program.

Seyed Kamal Kharrazi, Iranian Foreign Affairs Minister

Dear Mr. Mehdi Bagherian
In applying the order issued by the Supreme Leader of Iran in the year for answering the questions and with due regard to the importance of the PR in reaching organizational goals, holding such conference and attendance of the internal and foreign speakers aimed at exchanging views and determining and explaining the information and also the methods for public and international communication specially in the Islamic Republic of Iran is highly evaluated excellent.
Iran Ministry of foreign affairs welcomed this conference and participated in the conference. Your efforts and other administrators’ ones for holding this conference are appreciated.

Jhon Sandres, Filish Man Managing Director (UK)

I think is was a revolution in Iran PR. Congratulating the conference administrators he added “if PR concerns realities, reality is thing expressed by PR. Every Iranian I have seen in the conference was well informed and warm regards owned with full of willing for learning and has something different from the ones by the West. He said ‘you have a lot of thing to say. Try to communicate this things to the peoples beyond the borders in order to invite the world to live peacefully.

Dr. Mehdi Bagherian, conference secretary

During the PR emergence in Iran, it is the only serious movements in national and international area. It is the findings by the measures taken by the conference.
First conference was start of the history to be put on the development rail and the seriousness of such action is a pride of the Kargozar Public Relations Institute.
Another finding of the conference which has resulted in acceptance of Iran PR in international level, is proving the capabilities of this society in domestic and foreign areas. For this fact, the IPRA president has called for special position for Iran PR in international new events in 2006.


Prof. James E. Grunig

I have been seriously influenced by the Iranian hospitality and theirs interests in PR. I believe we are here to learn from each other as PR experts.

Prof. Larissa Grunig

I believe Iranian peoples welcome me from their heart. Meeting with the peoples all around the world was attractive for me. The most important thing for me was discussion with Iranian Colleagues. It was the only opportunity to be informed on Iran PR. Hereby I am thankful to you. Conference program was good. I am greatly thankful to Iranian Hospitality.

Thomas Achelis

Conference was good but unfortunately there was not enough opportunities for discussion and exchanging the views. It is better to reduce speeches time and the add the time for discussion. I have met some knowledgeable and educated people wit open mined in the conference.


Haroon Sugich

The conference organization and the place were better than the previous one. The subjects of the conference was also more interesting also.


Milenco D. Juric

- Some clever points have been pointed by the Iranian Speakers
- Excellent opportunities for learning on PR in Iran.
- Warm welcome