4th International Conference on Public Relations in Iran

November 15-16 2007

Forget the best practice, think about the next


By the presence of public Relations scholars and



Communications and technology has directed the world toward uniformity and homogeneity and public relations practitioners are gradually realizing how rapidly the world is expanding. Are you ready to adapt yourself to these new changes?
Media do not act as they did before. New technologies and channels are constantly changing, from one to mass and from an inert communication to a one to one and interactive one. This gives a new definition to the role and domain of public relations. Have you prepared yourself to grow in this new communicational environment?
Welcome to the future, the future which is present now! The future is no place for best practice. To be better than what was considered the best in the past, we should start the next practice, the practice which allows you to be the superior in the future.
The 4th International PR Conference in Iran invites you to listen to Iranian and foreign professors and experts. In this conference, along with the representatives of Iran PR Society accompany your counterparts in a network, constitute pr associations and societies and develop a comprehensive plan for the improvement of Iran’s public relations.

PDF: The 4th International Conference on Public Relations.pdf