Second International Conference on Public Relations

Kargozar Public Relations Institute
15-16 November 2005



In addition to the mentioned goals in the conference brochure, the executives believe that this conference should bring forward innovations and motivator beliefs. Youth tendencies, training expert force and Paving the way for youths and PR practitioners are among the goals of this conference. Therefore, existing potentials have been used as much as possible and it has been dealt with in selected articles and presentation in Iranian and International sections. For materializing this affair, professional and welfare facilities have been also prepared

This conference has been held with the attendance of the world high ranking PR practitioners. Holding scientific meeting by experts and opinion makers, appreciating the prominent figures in PR, introducing and appreciating a PR practitioner who gives the best definition of Public Relations in the first conference are parts of its features. The participants shall be awarded certificate and their names shall be registered in the CD and booklet of the conference.
Call for papers, opening the Cyber International Public Relations Association (CIPRA), playing the PR anthem, supporting charity organizations, rendering special facilities to PR blogers and allocating a considerable part of exhibition to the helpers are the other features of this conference.

The subjects put forward in the conference includes mainly the issues such as PR philosophy, studying the new PR patterns and theories, PR compatibility strategies in the new world, research status in PR, studying PR training principles and patterns, employment capability in PR, ethical applied PR in 21st century, ethical PR in Iran, PR and strategic management, managers and PR mutual responsibilities, role pf PR in continues development and PR crisis management. Some other subjects such as electronic PR applications and principles, web logs and their role in electronic PR, a look at future electronic PR in the world, process of electronic PR in Iran, new advertisement strategies and tendencies, marketing PR and electronic business, international PR, role of government in PR development, role of unions and expert associations in PR development, strategies for development of Mutual interactions between media and PRs and political PR were the conference topics.

In this conference, the following speakers delivered speeches:
Professor James Grunig about the status of research in PR;
professor Larissa Grunig about ethics in PR;
Thomas Achelis, President of European Confederation of PR (CERP);
Nikos Avlonas, Executive Director of the Centre for Sustainability & Excellence-CSE;
Milenko Djuric, Public Relations Consultant;
Gopal Sutar, associate professor of Manipal Communication Institute;
Haroon Sugich, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating and Officer of TRACCS- SACCS network;
Dr. Shahrzad Saderi, International Facilitator, Trainer & Consultant;
Dr. Zelimir Kestovic, Ph.D. PR of the PA with special regards to Polic PR and associate professor of crisis management;
Prof. Yahya Kamalipour, professor of Mass Communication and head of the Department of Communication and Creative Arts at Purdue University;
Professor Hamid Mowlana, professor of International Relations and the founding director of International Communication Program at the American University;
Professor Soheyl Ghoreyshi;
Engineer Mohammad Khatib about PR portal of Iran;
Dr. Ataollah Abtahi about Cyberg PR;
Hossein Emami Roudsari, about from electronic PR to Cyber PR;
Dr. Ali Mohammad Goudarzi, about the role of social intelligence in improving PR managers’ operation;
Dr. Bagher Saroukhani, about PR and social responsibility;
Dr. Gholamreza Hosseinnejad, about the role of PR in organizing social behaviors;
Dr. Hessamoddin Bayan, about PR and wisdom managers;
Dr. Alireza Arafi, about PR and values;
Dr. Mirza Shahed Arshad, about PR in medicin;
Dr. Reza Baradaran Kazemzedeh, about emergence of Internet and variations in Public Relations structure.



PDF: Second International Conference.pdf