The 1st International Conference on Public Relations

Kargozar Public Relations Institute

25-26 January 2005

A report for the

International Public Relation Association (IPRA)

PDF: Report of the 1st International Conference on PR in Tehran.pdf

The1st International Conference on PR was held in IRIB Int'l .Conference Center (TIICC) , Tehran for two days from 25-26 January 2005. While the aim of the Conference was to promote the scientific and technical knowledge of the PR professionals and to link them with the increasing growth of international PR and IT and paving the suitable way for presence of Iran PRs in international competitions and events, some of the world high ranking PR professional will present their presentation .

Introducing the Conference :
The Conference committee members are going to take basic actions by presenting selected presentation , holding the workshop and especial exhibition of “branding” in order to promote PR profession and knowledge .
The PR society of Iran by holding the Conference has taken strong steps in the way of informing the experts and students of PR in globalization process and its current situation in developed countries, the last research and evolutions in this field, paving the suitable way for presenting Iran PR capabilities, showing the talents, establishing interactions and bilateral as well as active communications between the local and the world high ranking PR professionals. The International Conference on PR will be held annually and regularly in Iran from now on .
Kargozar PR Institute is happy to be the host of this historical event and has a role in promoting PR profession .
Active participation of our colleagues in the Conference , undoubtedly, shows the dignity of this scientific great event and we hereby invite all PR professionals to assist us for holding this Conference more honorably .

The objectives :
-Promoting technical and scientific trend toward PR and increasing the knowledge of officials, directors, experts and students of PR ;
-Establishing a collective collaboration and interaction between the PR professionals and experts and exchanging the experiences ;
- Participation in PR movement and globalization trend ;
- Participation for getting a united and professional international standard on PR ;
- Intellectual exploitation of modern tools for establishing wide changes in traditional PR ;
- Publishing and promoting PR profession and knowledge ;
- Studying and explaining the strategies for capacity building and expanding the global PR in Iran ;
- Familiarity with new PR methods and systems and presenting its last experiences and achievements ;

Topics of the Conference :
1. How PR supports Marketing (teaching how to participate in international competitions and IPRA international awards)
2 . PR Objectives & Strategy ;
3 . Branding of a Country and its role in enterprises ;
4 . International PR ;
5 . Challenges in PR ;
6 . Communication and Advertising ;

The privileges and characteristics of the Conference :
- Presence of the world high ranking PR professionals ;
- Participation and presentation of IPRA president ;
- Holding training workshop ;
- Issuing international certificate for the participants ;
- Registering name of the participants in the Conference booklet and CD ;
- Simultaneous interpretation into Persian and English ;
- Holding technical book exhibition on PR and communications .

The Conference audiences :
Experts, officials, directors and professionals of PR, communications, advertisement, IT, management, industry, etc., whether in public or private sectors and professors as well as students of related fields .

Main Speakers, Titles & Themes :

IPRA President (2006 ) & MD Rada Research & Public Relations
Branding of a Country and its role in enterprises

Regional Director Designate,
H &K Middle East

"Corporate Communications Manager of Yapi Kredi Insurance
"How to Communicate through an International Award Winning Case"
Consultant European and International Government Affairs of FIPR MIPRA EUPRERA
International PR

President Global Public Relations & Consultancy – 2003 IPRA President
Challenges in PR

Dean of Communication School of Anatolian University / Marketing Columnist of Hurriyet Newspaper
Communication and Advertising

7. John Saunders
President and Member of the Executive Board of the International Communications Consultants Organization (ICCO)
How PR Support Marketing + Case Study
8. Mohammad Javad Nateghpour (Ph.D.)
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tehran
Development Studies

9. Dr. Ali Akbar Jalali
Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (LCSEE
West Virginia University (WVU)
E-Public Relations

10. Meral Ak Egemen
General Manager of Ak Pension Funds + a teaching staff at the Business
School of the University of Marmara
"Marketing and the Role of PR in Marketing"