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15th Int'l Conference on Public Relations

Sunday, July 29, 2018

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15th Int'l Conference on Public Relations


  Theme: Scenario-based Planning

The real change and development of public relations entails a change in the attitude and substantial reform of the entire system of traditional planning and its reconstruction in accordance with the conditions of the information era and the requirements of scenario-creation, which can ensue professionalism. Today, this change is crucial because those who want to benefit from scenario-based planning in their field of the eighth art, before anything, must understand and learn how to exploit this massive potential for promotion and empowerment of themselves and hence public relations, and in a word, prosperity of the society.

What is scenario-based planning?
"Scenario-based planning is a disciplined and orderly method used to discover key propulsion forces in the context of rapid changes, extraordinary convolutions and compound uncertainties. Through this approach, leaders and managers, with an eye on the unexpected events in the future, and a deep understanding of their possible consequences, discover and "define" several distinct stories or narratives about the possible future.
These scenarios are a tool for organizing the insights and inferences of leaders and managers. Defining scenarios is not merely aimed at selection of only a preferred future and wishing for it to come true, or finding the most likely future and striving to adapt to it; rather, the main purpose of scenario-based planning is to make strategic decisions that are sufficiently wise and persistent for “all possible futures”.
If serious thinking takes place when developing scenarios, then it would never matter what happens in the future, because the government, company or organization will be always ready for "whatever may happen," and will even be able to influence future events. In scenario-based planning, attempts are made to discover ways of influencing future outcomes of these choices, based on understanding the implications of today's choices.

Scenario-Based Planning in Public Relations
The scenarios in the field of public relations planning are a set of assumptions that examine ways through which change or growth can happen in the future. They provide a framework for predicting potential needs as well as possible options for future policies.
By analyzing extraordinary changes, complexities and multiple uncertainties and by gaining a deep understanding of their possible consequences, PR agents can better understand how these forces potentially impact the overall development of public relations and the consolidation of its professional status in various organizational, social and economic areas.
Various methods can be adopted to implement scenario-based planning, however, there are several key elements that should be considered disregarding which methods are used for this effect:
• Use scenarios to compare and analyze interactions between multiple factors
• Analyze how different scenarios can influence the future of public relations
• Identify possible strategies that will lead to the achievement of the desired elements in future circumstances
• Engage public relations practitioners during the process.

ICPR Agendas
What topics are being considered in the conference?
ICPR, with keynote speakers, gives participants the opportunity to take advantage of an inspirational and interactive event to bolster their skills. ICPR secretariat has issued a call for submission of scientific and research papers on the following topics and issues:

 Scenario-creation as a means of future thinking; concepts and key issues
 Public relations and scenario-based planning
 Types, features and applications of scenario-based planning in public relations
 Scenario-creation and strategic management in public relations
 Novel methods for using scenarios and simulations; the status and role of public relations
 Public Relations Training: Scenarios, Criteria, Resources, Creativity and Innovation
 Crisis Management; Scenario Planning - Protecting the Organization against an Uncertain World
 Scenario-creation in public relations: Information Revolution, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence
 Short-term Objectives and Key Results (OKR) in scenario-creation with an emphasis on public relations
 Content relation (message) with scenario-creation in public relations
 The approach of Scenario-based planning and practical guidance for the future of public relations
 Case studies; scenario-creation in public relations

How is ICPR organized?
The two-day schedule of the International Conference on Public Relations comprises the following:
 Keynote presentations
 Training workshops
 Competitive programs
 Publication of the ICPR book and CD of articles
 Publication of the special leaflet of the conference
 Presentation of the valid certificate of attendance at the conference and a certificate of professional skill

Participating in these programs, accompanied by case studies and examples from Iran and the world, enables public relations practitioners to:
1. Share the best practices,
2. Challenge the managerial thinking of the participants, and
3. Obtain the goals and objectives of their organization/company.

Call for Registration
Kargozar Public Relations Institute intends to hold the 15th International Conference on Public Relations in October 2018. ICPR venue will be Tehran, and the scientific and executive planning of the conference will be supported by the scientific committee, executives and a team of public relations experts.
In order for the optimal organization of the conference, the respected enthusiasts are invited to register for the conference before the specified deadline.
We welcome your warm presence in the annual PR Conference

Call for Participation in the 16th National Public Relations Festival of Iran

According to the 15-year tradition of ICPR, Kargozar Public Relations Institute will present winners awards this year, too. In this award, organizations, companies, and individuals must nominate for the award and submit the best of their activities in the framework of the announced regulations.
Click here to get more information about the festival.

Important Dates
Deadline for submitting articles: September 6, 2018
Deadline for final registration: September 6, 2018
Deadline for participation in the 16th National Public Relations Festival of Iran: September 6, 2018
The day of the conference: October 7, 2018

Where to go for more information?

For more information on the festival and receiving registration worksheets, please contact us at:
Telephone Numbers of ICPR Secretariat: +9821 88617576-77 and +9821 88216277
Fax No.: +9821 88602308
SMS: +98 30007153

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